Bans on Tramadol

Even though Tramadol is a prescription only drug which is majorly used for the treatment of moderate to severe pain coupled with many injuries and various ailments. If a doctor prescribes this pain relief medication to the patients, then that will help them to relive the pain. However, it is one’s responsibility to conduct various search and demonstration on this drug to know the pros and cons, also to know whether it is legally right to use in their countries or not etc.

There are several countries are already put a ban on Tramadol because of various reasons, some are country laws and some are potential abuse and so on. Gulf countries such as Dubai and Abu Dhabi have completely banned this drug and as well as some certain substance that is related to it. Buying Tramadol from these countries would make you to legal trouble.

The only proper way to get this medication in Gulf countries is if a licensed doctor who is associated with the government health should prescribe it. Keep in mind that the ban on Tramadol will not be same in all countries, it would be vary based on the countries and their control law. So before getting it from your country or some others kindly check whether it is banned or not.

A ban on Tramadol for potential formula components

So as mentioned above there are various reasons that are associated with banning on this drug and one of the main reason is the formula composition which is used in this medication. Since Tramadol is not a narcotic medication but it has to give the same effects which are usually found in the substances like hydrocodone, codeine, and morphine etc. But some people abusing it because it has the euphoric effects that have created on it.

Professional sports agency the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has banned this Tramadol medication officially. Every year this agency released the list of banned substances that do not adhere to the certain principles, rules, and test also, that is being able to cause severe health issues etc. The list which is released consists of the number of both substance and methods that is banned in several professional sports.


There are many things that are involved in banning Tramadol medication. So thereby, restriction on this drug would be severe in many countries whereas in North America have more concern on Tramadol drug alongside with other prescription drugs. So only thing that we cannot have to be making ourselves stress is that by following the proper guidelines and getting the prescription from the verified doctor when buying Tramadol would lower the risk of health hazards.

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