Can tramadol cause hallucination/nightmares?

Tramadol is a strong opioid pain medication used to treat moderate to severe pain by working on nervous system and brain to reduce the pain. It is similar to a narcotic analgesic. These are available in different forms and of different strengths. Some forms start working quickly while others release tramadol slowly but provide a constant effect to ease the pain. With high dose, any drug can cause hallucination. This is not because of the drug itself but also your body’s reaction to intoxication.

How to use tramadol

It should be used exactly as prescribed by your doctor. The dose of tramadol should not be increased or decreased without doctor’s approval. Take only prescribed a dosage of tramadol otherwise, it may cause serious side effects or even death. It can be a habit-forming drug. Do not take a larger dose for a longer period as this may cause addiction. If you suddenly stop the medicine, you may experience with drawl symptoms. Side effects like skin rash, fever, dizziness, diarrhea may occur. Immediately seek medical attention if you suffer from any serious side effects such as convulsions, shallow breathing, loss of coordination, hallucinations.

Tramadol causes hallucination

Tramadol on its own causes hallucination and makes you feel awake when you are asleep. It also causes drowsiness which can make you feel down both physically as well as emotionally. This tramadol drug exerts a profound effect on neurochemistry. The brain chemicals serotonin and norepinephrine get impacted by tramadol. Sudden discontinuation of tramadol causes some withdrawal symptoms like anxiety, tremors, headache, and hallucination.

A gradual decrease of this drug recommended only by a professional is advisable. This should not be attempted by your own. Sometimes hallucinations occur when a patient suddenly stops taking the medicine. Some people experience hallucination (audible as well as visual) by taking tramadol and anti-depressant.

The tramadol drug should never be used if you are taking anti-depressants, sleeping pills or tranquilizers. It may cause serious drug interaction which can be dangerous. Tramadol works much better when taken for a short period of time rather than long-term. When tramadol is used in a higher dose than recommended or in combination with agents which increase serotonin level, it may cause serotonin syndrome. When a higher dose is taken than recommended some people may experience audible hallucination or nightmares.

Serotonin syndrome includes a change in mental status like a hallucination, agitation. It causes autonomic instability such as tachycardia.

Patient counselling information

A Tramadol tablet is taken orally and should be swallowed whole with water. It should not be crushed. It should never be taken with alcohol, this may cause serious adverse effects. Female patients should tell the doctor if they are pregnant or trying to become pregnant before taking the tramadol drug. It should be used with caution when taking other medications, hypnotics or tranquilizers. Combination of anti-depressant and tramadol should never be taken in any case. When you get your medication always check with your pharmacist at the drugstore as for drug information pharmacist is an expert to guide and advise you about the risks involved.