Soma is prescribed by doctors for the treatment of pain and discomfort caused by muscle injuries. It functions as a muscle relaxer and works by calming down the central nervous system and subsequently relieving muscle pains. The general dosage of soma is around four times a day. Thus, it is imperative for any patient that he is able to find the cheapest Soma pills. One can always check at their local pharmacies on the pricing of the drug, however, mostly to maintain margins, there are not many discounts offered by the small time pharmacies.

Finding the Cheapest Prices Online

There are more than a hundred websites selling the drug at different prices. One needs to understand the cheapest may not always be a good deal as there are a lot of rip-offs being sold on the internet these days. Thus, it is advisable that one goes to a price comparison websites which displays the price of Soma as offered by various websites on a single screen. One just needs to enter the area of delivery and the eligible online pharmacies are displayed on the screen with the prices on which they are offering the drug. But do not forget to add the transport charges while comparing the prices. Moreover, always remember to buy only a small amount in the beginning to check if the soma drug delivered is actually genuine or not.

Using the Discount Card

The Drug Discount Card is valid in almost all pharmacies as long as the payment is made in cash and insurance is not claimed on the medicine. One can avail up to 80% discount on certain medicines like Soma from time to time. A good place to find these discount coupons would be Internet Drug Coupons.

Manufacturer Rebates and Coupons for soma

Considering its demand, the company itself provides discounts on Soma. The offers may be produced to the general public in the form of rebates, saving cards, coupons, free samples or trial offers. One can get to know about these offers from the manufacturer website, and can avail of these offers after registration on certain websites, completing a questionnaire or after obtaining a sample from the general practitioner. One needs to keep a vigil eye for these kinds of offers, or just subscribe to the websites’ newsletters for a continuous update!

Going the Generic Way of soma

A generic version of the drug is now available in the market called Carisoprodol which is over eight times cheaper than the actual Soma pill. After consultation with a general practitioner, one may even opt for the generic compound instead of the actual Soma tablets if the purchase of Soma pinches the pocket too much.

Patient Assistance Programs for Soma

Such Patient assistance programs (PAPs) are arrangements made by pharmaceutical companies to provide discounted medicines to low income residents who meet specific guidelines.