Tramadol and Pets

Tramadol has become a most often prescribed drug for the management of various health-related pain treatments in human. Since the medication is used for the diagnosing moderate to severe moderate pain, it has a wide range of applications and one among that is Tramadol for pets. Individuals surprised to know about it but it is true, nowadays veterinary doctors begin to recommend Tramadol for pets and it is considered to be a viable treatment option. In fact, there are plenty of drugs treating animal but this painkiller medication treats in a distinct way.

Tramadol dosage for pets

There would be some difference in the Tramadol prescription for animal and human due to the different structure of health and organs especially when it comes to the dosage section. The veterinary doctor prescribes the dosage strengths for animals whereas the healthcare professionals prescribed for the humans. Hence it is not advisable to give the human dose to pets including dogs, cat, and etc. Therefore, it is essential to make a consultation with a veterinarian who is well trained to write Tramadol prescription for pets. In general, veterinarian recommended dosage for the pet is 5mg per pound of your pet weight and it may vary according to the weight of the animal.

Is it safe for pets?

Though the medication can cause dangerous damages, prescribing right dosage and right diagnose treatment would keep you away from the side effects hence always follow your vet instruction. in addition, be aware of the medication which can make an interaction with the Tramadol so that you can avoid the drug interaction and side effects. When you follow these strictly, then you can treat your animal pain with Tramadol in a soothing manner without effect.

Benefits of Tramadol for pets

There are several different prescription drugs a vet could consider but the Tramadol is often considered first and becomes an ideal choice for all the veterinarian. Earlier, the Non-steroidal drug recommended for pets but it is powerful substance for cats so that veterinarian started to prescribe a different substance. In addition, non-steroidal and meloxicam are only suggested for long-term use; it damages the animal kidney. Because of this, Tramadol becomes the first choice and it is used for all the animals without any severe damages.

Besides, the drug produces the effects as like as morphine in the brain but the noticeable thing is Tramadol is a non-addictive so that the owner can get back his pet with good health and without any side effects. Tramadol is the viable option pain management because it treats varies the range of animal pain: leg sprain caused by jumping and surgery or arthritis condition. Along with that, the drug has the ability to treat so many pain conditions starts from moderate to severe moderate whereas other medications do not.

Another one of the important benefits is the price of the drug. Tramadol is the cheap painkiller mediation on the other hand other medications are very expensive and less effective. Hence choosing Tramadol would make to save money as well as treat your pet in an effective manner without adverse effects.

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