Tramadol and pregnancy

Extra care and consciousness are required during pregnancy. At this period of months, the women have faced a lot of changes in her health condition. Among this headache and joint pain are more common. While taking medications for such troubles the women will be more conscious in reading every medical composition of the drugs and its contraindication to pregnancy. It is necessary to know about the medications to keep your unborn baby safe. Thus take a piece of advice from your doctor to educate yourself about the adverse effects of the medications. As the women experience severe pain during pregnancy they will opt to know about Tramadol during this condition. Tramadol and pregnancy have a great and significant contraindication to use. The doctors strictly advised not to recommend this medication to pregnant women. Scroll down to more about the cause and effects of Tramadol while pregnant. 

Is Tramadol safe during pregnancy?

The simple answer is no. Although the women suffer various kinds of body pain during that time. This is because the clinical study reveals that women subjected to this medication while pregnant suffers neonatal abstinence syndrome. This affects the new-born growth in the womb. And hence FDA has recommended not to take Tramadol during their maternity. As it is not safe to take any stages. 

Effect of Tramadol during labor and delivery

It significantly affects the fetus as it has the capacity to penetrate into the womb. Hence the unborn fetus will also be subjected to this medication. As women will be subjected to immense pain during their labor and delivery. Many thought of giving Tramadol due to its analgesic property. But it is noticed that this medication brings a long-term effect of unconsciousness. This long onset result lasts up to the period of about 1 hour. And during this period the Tramadol will be injected intramuscularly. The adverse condition of this was taken as a survey to check the effect of this medication on the fetus. The survey report says that the ratio of the concentration of the Tramadol in the unborn when compared to its mother is estimated about 94%. 

Effect of taking Tramadol during pregnancy

This medication affects the formation of the egg when taken at the early stage of their maternity. It has a high chance of miscarriages. And if taken at the middle and later stage will result in the withdrawal effects of the newborn. This reaches the womb through blood and develops the addiction potential this, in turn, leads to the withdrawal problems. As the acceptance of the newborn is very low and when compared to the mother. So when subjected to adult dosage will suffer such unpleasant side effects. 

Effects of Tramadol after pregnancy

When taken after their delivery, the mother will be breastfeeding their child and the Tramadol reaches the newborn via their breast milk. This will brings the problems of drowsiness, reduced respiration, and other threatening side effects. All these issues will be harmful to the newly born.

On consideration of all these aspects, it is advised not to take Tramadol at any stages of maternity. Starting from women planning her pregnancy till their lactation period.

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