Tramadol sexual side effects

Sometimes people have been ended with the strange medications when they search for their treatments. But when start using them they can experience many side effects including sexual oriented to the extreme. Compare to women, men have suffered a lot in this case when they are using this strange medication to treat their pain ailments. Yes, that kind of strange medication is nothing but Tramadol. It is majorly used for the several pain treatments such as muscle cramp, back pain and even sometimes injuries too.

Many have used this opioid medication in the mode of painkillers where it was actually a synthetic opioid which is used to cure moderate to severe pain. Also, researchers have discovered that Tramadol medication can also be used for the treatment of premature ejaculation for men’s. It has proposed that Tramadol have potential to treat premature ejaculation.

Been providing the sexual desire to men, this drug is not a permanent solution to premature ejaculation. Since it is the only temporary solution and can cause severe problems when using for the longest time. So in the following passage, we can see the list of sexual side effects that can cause while using it.

Erectile Dysfunction Problem

Studies have found that a person especially men when using Tramadol for a long time they faced with the bad erection. Probably they cannot sustain the erection for certain period during the sexual intercourse. This is because libido which is commonly present in opioid painkillers can make to stop the erection gradually. Consuming libido for prolong period can cause erectile dysfunction problems. It has clinically proven that the using the opioid medications like Tramadol can able to cause erectile dysfunction problems.

Changes in Sex drive

Men’s sexual desire is naturally undulate over the years. Getting high or low is commonly concur at the beginning or end of the relationship with the major life changes such as premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction or impotence etc. The sex drive changes will affect women predominantly as like men but it has been occupied with major life changes such as pregnancy, menopause and even illness. Some strange medications like Tramadol can able to change the mood disorders that create low sex drive in the women.

Low sex desire symptoms are

  •     Loss of interest in any kind of sexual activity.
  •     Never or only infrequently sexual thoughts
  •     During intercourse cannot satisfy your partner.

For women using Tramadol, if they have pain during the time of sex or can’t orgasm, it leads to reduce the desire for sex.

Psychological causes

While using Tramadol as painkiller it may have affected your sexual desire and it has been proved psychologically. Some of the psychological effects are

  •     Stress, like financial or work stress
  •     Poor body image
  •     Low self-esteem
  •     Previous negative sexual experiences


Tramadol medication would be an ideal choice for a person who needs to get relief from pain but also accepts the fact that it also has to run at risk of side effects probably in sexual life. It is an opioid drug which it is strong in nature. There is also having the risk of Tramadol dependency, adequate abuse and so on. So it is necessary to know about the pros and cons of the Tramadol medication before start uses it.

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